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Welcome to English Practice.

Learning a new language is always a challenge! We get so used to communicating in our native language and switching to a new language is such a very large task. As with any learning, practice is a key factor in mastering the subject.

The biggest challenge in a new language is that practising involves many different activities. We have to be able to speak the words correctly. We have to write the words correctly. We must read the words with understanding. We have to hear the words with understanding.

This Wiki makes it possible for you to practise reading English text to improve your comprehension by looking at the various files listed on the Written English page. There is a short description of each book on the Written English page.

You can practise your listening skills in English by listening to the audiobooks referenced on the Spoken English page.

You can also read the eBook while listening to the audiobook so you can co-relate the two experiences. All of the material provided is in the public domain and is, therefore, free of charge.

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Written English
Spoken English

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